Dating and timing

the-eleventh-hour-758723_1280Have you ever dated someone who has a completely different dating timeline than you?

Maybe you are someone who like really long dates and if you like each other want to make sure that you stay in touch more or less all the time between dates.

Or maybe you think a two hour date works fine and then want to spend a few days apart to think about how it felt and decide if you want to go on another date.

As you can probably tell these are two completely different approaches to dating. One is not worse or better than the other, they are just different – and that can create some problems if you are not aware.

Someone who wants to have a lot of contact frequently will probably interpret someones silence as lack of interest.

And the one who likes to take their time and date a bit slower might think that a more driven dater seems very intense or maybe even desperate.

But in fact, it might just be that they are dating on different “timetables”.

Keep that in mind when you meet someone who seems to be doing things faster or slower than you, respect their preference – and your own! If the tempo is important to you maybe you need to find someone who will keep your pace?

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