Positive psychology is the science of what makes life awesome.*

Let’s apply it to your dating life!

*Okay, the science of what makes life awesome might not be the exact scientific definition. That one is more in the lines of “what creates optimal wellbeing and functioning”, but that’s just fancy talk for awesome.

However we define it, what I can tell you for sure is that it’s extremely powerful knowledge to use in your dating life.

Cause let’s face it, we don’t really get taught how to create the love lives that we want, do we? We get some cliches along the way and advice from friends who are just as confused as we are, and hope for the best.

It usually sounds something like this:

  • Just be yourself!” (Check. Still lonely. Now what?)
  • It will happen when you least expect it.” (I’ve been not expecting it for a while now…)
  • Don’t think so much about it” (Well, this is just stupid. Why not just stop thinking about being hungry instead of having lunch while we’re at it?)

If you’re sick of cliches and ready to take charge of your love life you must start seeing it as something you can create, grow and develop – just like every other area of your life! Because it is!

Flirting is a skill. Self confidence is a skill. Having loving relationships is a skill. Even happiness is a skill, and one that will highly improve not only your life but transform your love life. It’s all understandable, learnable and totally practicable.

Let’s begin!


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1. You’re stuck in a pattern. Either nothing happens or the wrong thing happens (and everyone around you is starting to pair up, get married and have kids…)

2. Your dates end up with sex and nothing more, or friendship and nothing more.

3. Everything works until you start liking someone. Then you fall into full panic mode, get super anxious and everything falls apart.

4. You worry and overthink so much that it’s impossible to make good decisions,

5. You think that your dating problems are unusually big and that you’re a hopeless case. (Spoiler: you’re not – this very fear proves that you are just like everyone else)

  • You identify with your achievements but don’t really know who you are beyond that.
  • You are way more comfortable with your thoughts than with your emotions.
  • Growing up you had to take care of, and/or adapt your behavior a lot to someone else. For example a sick, addicted or dominant parent or sibling.
  • You are the one that everyone around you comes to for emotional guidance and support – but you rarely the same amount of support from them…
  • You shape your behavior to who you think the other people want you to be and adapt yourself to their opinions, emotions, thoughts and needs.