Psychologists and researchers are dedicating their work to finding out what makes us happy, what happens when we are (as it turns out, a lot of good stuff) and what we can do to make our lives and relationships as joyful and successful as possible.

The tools, knowledge and wisdom from positive psychology and happiness research is useful and fascinating in itself, and pure gold for anyone who feels stuck in their dating life!

My job is to put it all together for you so that you can start using your new know-how, insights, tools and tips immediately.

It’s not supposed to be that hard to feel good and confident in your love life. You are not alone, and we can solve this.

If you do not have what you want in your love life it’s because you are doing things that are not working. And no wonder – we are all just doing the best we can and trying to get by without getting our hearts too bruised along the way.

Just a few small mind shifts and new understandings create huge changes in how you think, feel and behave in your love life, and transform it totally.

Many singles are so caught up in trying to make sense of the people they meet and if they like them that they forget to make sense of and like themselves.

You are the only person who you know for sure will always be a part of your love life. So let’s start there.

When you feel good and understand yourself and your patterns, wants, needs, preferences and quirks, dating will become so much easer.

There will be no more worrying, feeling inferior or being mistreated.

You will be in charge of your love life, and of your well being!

My job is to show you how.

5 ways to increase your happiness levels

1. Take your wellbeing seriously! Doing things you like, taking care of yourself and having fun is not a reward for hard work, it’s a prerequisite for hard work! Keep your happy-tank full and never let it get empty.

2. Meet your friends! Happy people are more social, and socializing with people we like also makes us happy. Make it a priority! Call a friend and plan something fun, big or small.

3. Wear your gratitude glasses! The attitude of gratitude is a skill. You can train your brain to look for the good stuff. It’s there whether your see it or not, but you can only enjoy it if you see it. List 3 good things about your day every night before going to sleep. It keeps your brain alert and looking for good things to put on the list during the day.

4. Move your body. Exercise is a happiness boost like no other; a quick fix that actually works! Just make sure you find a physical activity that you enjoy, you won’t become happy by forcing yourself do do things you don’t like.

5. Watch those cat videos. In experiments where happiness researchers want to induce positive emotions (aka make the test subjects feel happy so they can find out how they differ from people in other emotional states) they often use something as simple as funny video clips. It’s not a way to create deep, long-lasting wellbeing, but we can easily manipulate our emotional states in the moment by watching a funny video or dancing to our favorite song. Put that to good use in your everyday life!

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