What creates attraction between people? What doesn’t? And how come it’s so easy to become that weird version of yourself when someone you like walks in the room?

If we tried looking at other parts of life the same way we are encouraged to look at our love lives it would become very obvious that it’s not the best way.

I’m guessing you don’t use the “it happens when it happens”-strategy to reach your health- or career goals?

If you want stronger legs or a new job you learn what you need to learn, and do what you gotta to do to get it, right? And if you don’t do it you’re not surprised when it doesn’t happen.

Don’t leave the success in your love life up to chance either!

Somehow we’re encouraged to expect a satisfying love life to just fall down from the sky, without any involvement on our part.

Well, if you’re tired of waiting for that, let’s put the science and wisdom of positive psychology to work in your love life!

I help singles make sense of their love lives and gain insight into themselves and into what creates attraction and connection, and what doesn’t. My own journey has taken me everywhere from pick up to tantra and what I learned is that it all comes down to self-image, psychology and personal growth.

The tools, knowledge and wisdom from positive psychology (where I have my academic background) are very effective and applicable for creating new patterns and behaviors around attraction, dating and relationships, and is in the basis of what I teach and how I coach.

When you understand yourself and your situation it becomes so much easier to create what you are longing for in your love life.

And it’s my pleasure to show you how!


50% of every date you go on and every relationship you have will always consist of you. So let’s start there!

When you understand yourself and your patterns, wants, needs, preferences and quirks – dating will become so much easier. And a lot more fun!

There will be no more worrying, feeling inferior or being mistreated.


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