Are you looking for someone “perfect”?







Are you looking for the perfect partner, or are you trying to be one?

I’d suggest you stop, because people aren’t perfect. We’re human. We have good and bad sides, we make mistakes, mess up, change our minds, get confused, make good decisions and bad decisions and are overall…human, rather than perfect.

Looking for someone who’s perfect is like looking for someone with three arms. Trying to be perfect is equally futile.

This may sound discouraging, but the beauty of it is that real is so much better than perfect. It might get messy sometimes, but at least it’s authentic, it’s growing, evolving and ever changing. It’s life.

There is room for improvement. There is space for growing.

So don’t spend your time trying to find or become the perfect partner. Instead of focusing on you or someone else being perfect, aim your energy at what you want to create.

What do you want to fill your life with, and what kind of relationship do you want to create when you meet your beautifully human love?

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