Are you tired of boring dates?

Dating should be fun! I know there’s a lot of psychological stuff, nerves, self-doubt and chaotic emotions that make dating a bit difficult from time to time (and that’s exactly what I help my clients with) so let’s at least practically do what we can to ease things up and make it fun!

The easiest way to get rid of mindfuck, self-consciousness and worry is to be engaged in the moment. But that’s royally hard to do if you’re just sitting and talking with someone. Most of us need to do something that engages us fully to get out of our heads.

This is why I am a big fan of activity dating where you do something enjoyable, fun and engaging while getting to know each other. There are so so many really reasons to do this (it changes everything for the better), so I decided to write about ten of them in a Huffington Post article.

Check it out here. It will improve your dating life dramatically.

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